Earth Moon Earth is an experimental rock band from deep in the Mojave Desert.

Formed by drummer Daniel Joeright (The Rentals) and complimented by the smoky vocal style of Gabriella Evaro; this synth heavy, celestial project blends elements of Electronic, Dream Pop and Desert Space Rock. Shamanistic drum rhythms with lush bass and synth sounds create a spacious landscape for Gabriella’s rich vocals to explore in.

Rounding out the lineup is Be Hussey (bass), Esteban Chavez (synthesizers), Scott Schaffer (theremin and modular apparatus) and Bob Villwock (keyboards).

The self titled debut album is scheduled for release in March of 2018.

Earth Moon Earth: tour, album and beyond

I want to thank everyone who came out to see us at Pappy & Harriets on Sept 1st and to our California shows supporting Skye&Ross (Morcheeba).  We had an amazing time and met some truly great people.  We got to travel on a purple spaceship named Barney; “Glitch” the theremin wizard alien was born and we achieved new heights musically resulting in some really great opportunities.  We are currently hard at work completing the debut Earth Moon Earth album and are planning to release it in Jan 2017. We will keep you posted on our progress and will continue to tell our stories here. Godspeed! ~ D


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