Earth Moon Earth is a modern experimental/cosmic rock band from California’s High Desert, created by Drummer/Songwriter/Producer Dan Joeright (The Rentals, David Byrne) and joined by High Desert native, Singer/Songwriter Gabba Evaro.

This synth heavy, celestial project blends elements of electronic, space and psychedelic rock. Shamanistic drum rhythms, lush bass and melodic synth sounds create a cinematic landscape for Gabba’s smoky vocals to explore in. Rounding out the line up is Be Hussey on Bass (Radar Bros), Esteban Chavez on Synths (The Freeks), Scott “Glitch” Schaffer on Theremin and Bob Villwock on Keyboards.

Starting as an experimental – live collective featuring Joeright on Drums, Glitch on Theremin and Algis Kizys (Swans, Lydia Lunch) on Short Wave Radio; Earth Moon Earth developed quickly and in 2016 secured a direct support slot touring with trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba. Since then they’ve been working on their self-titled, debut album and playing events in the high desert including Desert Stars Festival, Yucca Man Shakedown, Sunburst and the Joshua Tree Music Festival.

The name Earth Moon Earth (EME) was derived from a radio communications technique of the same name. EME is the technique of bouncing radio waves from an Earth based transmitter off of the Moon and then back to an Earth-based receiver for the purposes of extending short wave radio signals over long distances.

Earth Moon Earth band live in LA at The Roxy
Gabba: I met Dan way back in the day at Pappy and Harriet’s in the desert.

Dan: I had just moved out to Joshua Tree from LA and built and opened Gatos Trail recording studio, it was a totally different culture, and there she was spinning around with a ribbon wand in the middle of the desert.

Gabba: Life happens, time flies and here I am playing a show years later and Dan comes in. It’s the first time he actually hears me sing and he asked me if I would maybe like to come and sing on a song he was working on.

Dan: I was actually looking for a singer. I’d been writing music for a few months and had this one particular track (Heartbeats) that I had an idea for a female vocalist on.

Gabba: Life happens and time flies again and months later I finally arrive at his home and studio.

Dan: She came to my place, which is an old desert barn that I converted into a recording studio and I played her the track a few times as she sat and listened. She started taking notes and humming out some melodies and then walked to the vocal booth. I let the track roll and was astonished at what I was hearing. She was nailing the track on the first take! Lyrics, melody, everything, it was like the track was written for her or by her. It was, simply put, magical.

Gabba: Dan talked about his Summer Solstice party he throws called Yucca Man Shakedown and he’s putting a band together, Earth Moon Earth, sonic, space, music…

Dan: It was coming up on our 3rd annual Yucca Man Shakedown music festival, so I needed to start putting a show together and rehearsing a band. I got Scott Schaffer the theremin player who had jammed with Algis Kizys (Swans, Lydia Lunch) and I the previous year. Be Hussey, a great bass player from the Radar Brothers who runs a recoding studio in Glendale called Comp-ny, Esteban Chavez on synth from a killer psych-rock band called The Freeks and a childhood friend of mine Bob Villwock on Keyboards. It was amazing. There was a spark, something real special was happening.

Gabba: It turned from this cosmic ride of music, to hopping on tour with Morcheeba. We time travelled.

Dan: After the show I posted a video to social media and almost immediately my good friend, Ross Godfrey contacted me about opening for Morcheeba’s west coast tour. The shows we did with them were absolutely amazing. The crowds had no idea who we were, we didn’t have any music released, but I guess we made a connection because we got a really enthusiastic reaction from them. It gave us confidence in this “experiment” of ours, which helped us persevere through some of the tough stuff that came later.

Gabba: All while I had a DUI from a year before that had come back to haunt me and became a living nightmare. I cant talk about it too much because the legal proceedings are still ongoing. But once we got back from tour, on Sep 9th began my 6 months house arrest, alcohol monitoring system, ankle bracelet and probation. We had to work within certain hours of the day and if I did not give a notice that I was working with Dan 24 hours in advance, I would not be allowed to leave my property. I was only allowed to go to and from work.

Dan: This was a potentially devastating blow since there was talk of joining Morcheeba for the European leg of their tour but we had to put everything on hold. We decided to hunker down and finish the record but we had to figure out a way that we could continue to work together. I had to pick her up at her house every day, bring her to the studio, work all day and then drive her back home. We did this several days a week for several months until the tracking of the record was finished.

Gabba: We were literally working on the clock for if I were to ever have been home 1 minute late, I would have been thrown in prison. So stress was alive in my mind and in my body but the music kept me sane, it saved me and continues to.

Dan: We were all able to rally together and work through it and I think we’re a stronger band because of it. We’ve had some trial by fire moments and now we’re coming out the other side. Seriously, that’s how it feels! We now have a record finished, a single released, shows booked and some other exciting stuff on the horizon, we’re ready to spread our wings.

Gabba: I am sometimes still having a hard time. For I was living in constant fear but every time I sat behind the mic in the studio I would forget I had a bracelet on, that I can go to prison, that I’m a convicted felon, and that life totally fucking sucks right now. Just then when we would record, I would feel that life is good, that I am free.

Dan: Gabba and I have a musical chemistry that’s really rare to find and it’s the one thing you can’t manufacture so if you find it you better hold on to it.

Gabba: It has been a long road for the band, they are my crutch. We have finally finished something to be proud of and I am more free then I was during the recording process because I no longer have a fucking bracelet on.

Dan: It was a trip, and I certainly feel you can hear that on the record. And you can feel that in our live shows. A lot of things also clicked. Working on the mixes with Tom Biller (Elliott Smith, Fiona Apple, Silversun Pickups) was great, as was getting Howie Weinberg (Nirvana, Beastie Boys, Spoon) to master the record. We just officially released our first single New Mourning (Hummingbird), the record is finished and we are talking to a bunch of people right now trying to find the right home for it. We are excited to come full circle and play Desert Stars at Pappy and Harriet’s on September 24th. Life is good.

Earth Moon Earth on KCOD Coachella FM

On this New Release Special with Earth Moon Earth, host Toni Bakal talks with Gabriella Evaro and Dan Joeright about their collaborative rhythm and creative influences, we get to listen to the new single New Mourning (Hummingbird), they talk about the track and inspiration behind it, and we talk about upcoming plans for Earth Moon Earth. They will be playing the Ace Hotel on November 22nd in Palm Springs and Pappy and Harriets on December 15th.

Coachella Valley Weekly – Sep 24th 2017

Coachella Valley Weekly

Earth Moon Earth Circle the Sun with a “New Mourning” (single release) and New Album on the Horizon

Show: Desert Stars Festival @ Pappy and Harriet’s Sunday Sept 24th, @ 4:45 pm
By Lisa Morgan

There is an energy that draws an eclectic bunch to the high desert.  What is barren, uncultured and weird in the eyes of some, is creatively inspiring, rich in magic and wildly romantic to others.  To the music oriented highlanders who find beauty here, the creative unions are potentially endless, always beautiful but often short lived.  I say all this to help you understand how significant it is for any of these fledgling movements to push forward into a sophomore year of performance and production. For that reason, I am ecstatic to announce a repeat performance of Earth Moon Earth one year after their debut at Pappy and Harriet’s.  The project fueled by stellar producer/songcrafter Daniel Joeright of Gatos Trail Recording Studio and the intensely intuitive and hypnotizing vocals of Gabriella Evaro has graduated from “experimental” to a validated and forward moving project with an album set to be released March 2018.

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SFSONIC – Sep 6th 2016

SF Sonic

Skye and Ross Bring Morcheeba Night to Social Hall SF

By Jeff Spirer

Earth Moon Earth opened for Skye & Ross. It was obvious this was a drummer’s band. Daniel Joeright, whose impressive resume includes David Byrne, Tom Waits, and most recently, The Rentals, puts out a big drum sound. Complementing Joeright is a band that includes two on keyboards, a bass player, and a hooded Theremin player. Gabriella Evora arrived after a brief instrumental intro, looking as if she wandered in from Woodstock. Or Burning Man. Listening to the band, it was a little surprising that they weren’t at Burning Man.

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LASF Magazine – Sep 2016

LASF Magazine

EARTH MOON EARTH Release First Single “New Mourning” (Hummingbird) 

Interview by Gina Finstad

Hailing from the warm desert sands of California comes a new band with deep roots. Earth Moon Earth consists of members Daniel Joeright (drums), Gabriella Evaro (vocals), Be Hussey (bass), Esteban Chavez (synthesizers), Scott Schaffer (theremin and modular apparatus) and Bob Villwock (keyboards).  Together, this collective of creatives bring you a mix of desert space rock with a nice heady celestial kick (think Jimi Hendrix meets Grace Slick in White Rabbit). 

It all began at the annual Yuca Man Shake Down party hosted by former The Rentals drummer, Daniel Joeright.  Dan had invited a handful of bands to play at the event, and while mingling with the masses he became inspired and decided to round-up a few members to test out some new sounds he had been working on in his home studio.  

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Coachella Valley Weekly – Sep 1 2016

Coachella Valley Weekly

Dove Dances with Drum in Earth Moon Earth

By Lisa Morgan

The legacy of the musically magic Evaro family continues to grow and evolve as Gabriella Evaro’s dove-like voice and empathically poetic lyric sense join forces with the unique rhythm soundscapes of Daniel Joeright, former drummer for the Rentals. Helping them press deep into some uncharted pop-esque celestial folk rock are Be Hussey (bass), Esteban Chavez (synthesizers), Scott Schaffer (Theremin and modular apparatus) and Bob Villwock (keyboards). Evaro, whose signature voice known for its sultry gentility, shows a unique impassioned strength in this project as it soars above the fusion of rhythm and melodic-synth to frame the lyrical pictures of hope within the human experience painted by this ensemble.

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Earth Moon Earth: tour, album and beyond

I want to thank everyone who came out to see us at Pappy & Harriets on Sept 1st and to our California shows supporting Skye&Ross (Morcheeba).  We had an amazing time and met some truly great people.  We got to travel on a purple spaceship named Barney; “Glitch” the theremin wizard alien was born and we achieved new heights musically resulting in some really great opportunities.  We are currently hard at work completing the debut Earth Moon Earth album, we will keep you posted on our progress and will continue to tell our stories here. Godspeed! ~ D


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